moving day!

Welcome to pretty-pretty dress-up at its new home on WordPress!

We endured a record-setting heatwave in my slice of meatspace last week. I had my avatar in this wet shirt from Haven Designs, soaking in a tub of cool water and watermelons from off-brand furniture, much of the past week just to cool off. Skin is one of the new Trap Sphinx skins, White—the limited edition didn’t grab me, I’m still debating getting the Red, but the White demanded to be taken home and adorned with proper pointy ears. So I’ve been running around a bit elven since.

This hair, called Sansa, is an upcoming release from Lazy Places. The headband is texture-change with drop-down menu on touch, and like all the scripted Lazy Places hairs, tells us how pretty we are once it’s changed textures. It’ll be in the main store with the Hair Fair hairs SOON, so keep an eye out!

Skin: Trap (Sphinx White F TONE 2)
Hair: Lazy Places (Sansa – Silver) *coming soon!*
Eyes: negaposi (Lunar Eyes – Eclips)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Ears: Illusions (Mystic Ears – Fairy)
Wet shirt: Haven Designs (3000 group gift)
Undershirt: Urban Outfitters (Naughty – tealish)
Shorts: League (Booty Shorts – D.Blue)
Necklace: Rebel Xtravaganza (FREE Seashell Necklace)
Pose: Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] DG-Strip Tease)
Set: La Petite Morte (Photo Set Hall)

Product packaging used as decoration:
Box: off-brand furniture
Crate: Lazy Places



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