more yummeh furniture from Rebel -X-

New deliciously cute furniture from Rebel Xtravaganza!

Two poses, three versions included: full (13 prims), without leaf (11 prims), low-prim (7 prims), plus optional 1-prim shadow (modifiable, so you can alter the transparency level to change its darkness/intensity) and two sculpted seeds (1 prim each). Copy, no-transfer; contact Rouge Darcy for gifting ’til it gets listed up on XstreetSL. You can check out the other pose and seeds over on Rouge’s Flickr stream.

Skin: Curio (June – Petal [Light] – Daylily 1)
Hair: (Cassie – Moody Brown) *group gift*
Eyes: Poetic Colors (ocean – blue surf (m))
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Shirt: (Vneck Tee – Red)
Jeans: (Iunno Jeans – Light Wash – Flared)
Shoes: (Basic Flats – Brown)
Sofa: Rebel Xtravaganza (WATERMELON Sofa)
Bubbles: HPMD (Bubble Chair) *lucky chair item*



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