Camisk Week!

Camisk Week kicked off this morning at Analise and Haven Designs with new releases at both shops, Midnight Mania boards, namesake camisk auctions and fatpack raffles.  In the following days, new releases will alternate between shops.  See the shop blogs for more details, I’m just going to show off some of today’s pretties.

More pictures (including a NSFW bare-breasted shot) plus words and credits after the cut.

Bhavya features opaque fabric on the breasts but the rest is sheer.  The panty region is scantily cut, so you may want to wear panties or bikini bottoms beneath if you prefer more modest coverage.  It comes on shirt and pants system layers with prim sideskirty bits and prim back ties.  Bhavya is available in several base tones (Cyan, Blue, Jade, Purple, Nude), all with the coppery accents.

Dew is a scanty, asymmetrical swath of fabric that leaves one breast bare.  It comes with the camisk on the jacket layer and matching panties on both pants and underpants layers.  Dew is available in several pastel tones (Blush, Gold, Iris, Grass, Sky), plus black (Noir), all with silver embroidery.

Skin: Curio (Beach – Petal [Light] – Osprey 1) *Harajukubox Skin Faire exclusive*
Hair: (Cassie – Moody Brown) *group gift*
Eyes: Poetic Colors (summer – blue blue sky (m))
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Camisk & Panties in Analise-Dew pics: Analise (Dew Camisk – Sky)
Camisk in Bhavya pics: Haven Designs (Bhavya – Cyan)
Pasties in Analise-Dew(front): silent sparrow (Seelie – althea)
Necklace: Rebel Xtravaganza (FREE Seashell Necklace)
Pose in Analise-Dew(front) & HD-Bhavya(front): TorridWear (*TorridWear* – Curves 5)
Pose in HD-Bhavya(rear): TorridWear (*TorridWear* – Curves 3)
Pose in Analise-Dew(NSFW): TorridWear (*TorridWear* – Curves 7)
Pose in Analise-Dew(rear): TorridWear (*TorridWear* – Curves 2)
Set: La Petite Morte (Photo Set Hall)



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