look of the day

When I woke up this morning, I realized I never got around to blogging yesterday. I’d managed to blog every day since the move to WordPress up ’til yesterday, so damn good streak considering my blogging history, but I was a bit annoyed with myself for breaking the streak. Sunday’s already a break from routine, though, since that’s my husband’s usual day off from RL work, so maybe it’d be better to set that aside as a non-blogging day if I want to persist in posting several times a week.

This is actually the outfit I put together and would have blogged yesterday if not for distraction. Head-to-toe: New-to-me Gritty Kitty hair called Butters, black tone, which has texture-change ribbons—this is the “white” argyle option. Curio June skin, Doe 1 makeup because I love how this lip tone looks with earthy-toned clothes. Jewelry from Zaara: the wooden Sarayi hoops again and one of the new bracelets, the onyx Prata silver cuff—better view of jewelry below. Dress is the Haver Tiered Frock from Whippet & Buck, which suffers slightly from my alpha sorting woes but in forgivable measure—it’s so ruffly and pretty on, I can put up with a little alpha conflict. (And there’s a demo at the store if you want to check how well it works for you.) Suspender socks from Pig again because I’m still in love, Basic Flats from fri.day to go with the brown of the frock. Regularly formatted and detailed credits follow.

Skin: Curio (June – Petal [Light] – Doe 1)
Hair: Gritty Kitty (Butters – black)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (summer – blue blue sky (m))
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Dress: Whippet & Buck (Haver Tiered Frock)
Socks: Pig (Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – Unicorn)
Earrings: Zaara (Sarayi wood hoops – silver)
Bracelet: Zaara (Prata silver cuff – onyx)
Shoes: fri.day (Basic Flats – Brown)
Pose in full shot: Lazy Places ([LP] Achariya)
Pose in jewelry shot: Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] – Jewelrypose3 PR4)



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