we’re all mad here…

Cheshire is another silent sparrow/Calico Ingmann Creations collaboration, plus a special recoloring of the Synth boots from Lazy Places. In addition to the pieces I’m wearing here, there are two more skirts included, striped shirts without the Cheshire Cat design, an alternate version of the arm warmers with buttoned garters, socks, and some layering options. I thought the Schadenfreude’s special Joe the Lion skin at the Skin/Shape Expo would be perfect with this set, and I tinted the eyebrows purple to go with the two-tone hair. The hair is also available in all the usual Calico shades, but this special version comes with ears and tail in the same Cheshire tones of pink and purple. I tinted the recolorable stripes tattoos from Hybrid purple because this look is all about bright colors and whimsy and fun.

Cheshire outfit, Cheshire ears/tail/hair, and Cheshire edition Synth boots sold separately, but the vendors for each are near one another in the new releases section at silent sparrow.

Skin: Schadenfreude (Cameo – Langwidere – Joe the Lion – Kunzite) *Skin/Shape Expo ’09 exclusive*
Ears, Tail & Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations (Cheshire Ears, Tail, & Hair)
Eyes: MJ+DADA (Cat’s eyes – Gold)
Jacket, Shirt, Arm Warmers & Skirt: silent sparrow (Cheshire)
Neko Stripes: Hybrid (Stripes Recolorable Tattoo)
Mouth Feather: ATOMIC (Canary Hoodie)
Boots: Lazy Places (Synth Cheshire Edition)
Pose: Lazy Places ([LP] *katatOnik* 4)
Location: MIASNOW Midnight Gardens



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