Loco Pocos Trick or Treat!

The Loco Pocos Trick or Treat event opened today and I could not resist getting the new Ghost avatar to wear for trick-or-treating in the cute-yet-spooky streets of the event venue. It’s really easy, just go to the main shop, follow the signs and take the jack-o’-lantern teleporter to the Trick or Treat area. Click the sign there to get your candy bag—two versions, one for Loco Pocos tinies and one for humans, are available—and then knock on doors and either Trick or Treat. If you choose correctly, you get candy! If you choose poorly, the villager pulls a spooky prank on you. There are several colors and types of candy, and as you collect them one of each kind you’ve received will appear in your treat bucket. Keep going ’til you get the special key that unlocks the prize chest!

Avatar: Loco Pocos (Ghost [female])
Candy Bag: Loco Pocos (Candy Bag 2009)
Location: Loco Pocos Island, Trick or Treat area (take jack-o’-lantern TP from main shop)



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