The World

Although I spent much of today in various states of undeadness, I’m still figuring out just what I want to wear as a zombie, so the costume I’ll show off instead is the beautiful full avatar from BareRose called The World. Being a longtime Discworld fan, my first thought when first seeing the pics of this avatar was of Great A’Tuin, the turtle upon whose back stands four elephants upon whom the Discworld balances. Discworld of course borrows from real-world myths and cultures all the time, though, so this world is not specifically that world, but I do like to think of Discworld while floating around as this magnificent avatar.

This avatar is BIG, and includes an AO to wear with, and I was going to go somewhere scenically galactic to snap a pic but felt like a total space-hog every location I checked, so I faked a nebula background in my graphics program so as not to run over any canoodling couples at the space park just for a photo op. Tomorrow, perhaps zombies, or maybe I’ll finally settle on a place to take my Jedi pictures.



One Response to The World

  1. Paulina says:

    OMG I am a big Discworld fan too and this avatar is fantastic!!

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