trees & pumpkins & ghosts, oh my!

Today, for a change of pace, let’s focus on decor more than garb. My husband was kind enough to join me in-world for hanging out on these cute Hallowe’eny props from Rebel Xtravaganza.

The tree set has three poses, with a drop-down menu on touch. The ghost is a separate object, so you can tuck that back into inventory to save on prims if you just want the tree and pumpkins. You can also buy separate pumpkins in other colors. The pumpkin chair has two poses; sit on the stem for the pose I’m using, or sit on the rest of the pumpkin for another pose.

The obake chair is a bigger version of the little ghost from the tree set and has four poses. The pose I’m using is in the main part of the ghost, the pose Chol’s using is in the headband, and if you sit on the triangle bit above the headband you can ride the ghost’s tail, or you can sit on the tongue to stand aback looking spooked.

Credits for Amyla:
Skin: Exodi (Lily Vamped “Cold Blood” (Halloween 2009)) *Quest for Flesh hunt prize*
Hair: Schadenfreude (Thom – scripted fatpack)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Sea 2)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Bikini: Schadenfreude (Batkini – Crimson)

Some credits for Cholgosh:
Hair: Tami McCoy
Sunglasses: Tomby’s
Wings: Material Squirrel
Shirt, Pants & Socks: Artilleri
Shoes: House of Curios

Posing props from Rebel Xtravaganza:
Obake Halloween Set

Location: The Hidey Spot



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