pirate party on deck

I’m cheating a little bit today and showing off a few people from a party I attended earlier this evening. Siyu Suen of Illusions threw a get-together on her ship at the Carnivale sim to celebrate her rezday. There’d been a vague theme of purple and black a few of us followed, but everyone looked amazing and regrettably I didn’t get very many snapshots good enough to share.

31 Days of Hallowe’en: Day 15 (Siyu, Alex, Vasili)
Left to Right: Siyu Suen, Alex Arashi, Vasili Zabelin

Siyu and Vasili looked quite fetching, and in this snapshot both are dancing with supercute animal friends. Alex had an amazing getup with this HUGE cross strapped to his back, it was glowy and very stunning.

Eversky Aeon sported several different looks while I was there but I didn’t get snapshots of most of them. I love this pegasus avatar! Look at all the little bunnies and birdies!

I took the black/purple suggestion and piratey ship location and ran with it. I’m wearing bits of silent sparrow (dusk ryou coat, violet sylvan bodice, violet nemu gloves, warm ash Lysander pants) with a bit of Schadenfreude (Pitch Striped Vest, just a bit peeks beneath the coat clasp), hat from Deviance, boots from Pixel Mode, and one of the Cord Wraps jewelry pieces from Illusions.

Full credits for my look:
Skin: Curio (June – Petal [Light] – Allium 2)
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth (Timeless Glamour – Black Beauty)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Blue 3, Green 1)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Hat: Deviance (Pirate Mate Hat)
Necklace: Illusions (Cord Wraps)
Coat: silent sparrow (ryou suit – dusk)
Vest: Schadenfreude (Striped Vest – Pitch)
Bodice: silent sparrow (sylvan suite – violet)
Gloves: silent sparrow (nemu – violet)
Pants: silent sparrow (Lysander)
Boots: Pixel Mode (Beebs Suede Boots – Black)

Location: The Indigo Rose in Carnivale sim



2 Responses to pirate party on deck

  1. Siyu Suen says:

    Haha awww! What great pictures! Wish I had had your windlight preset, things didn’t look as nice as that on my client XD

    I’m so glad you could come, and thanks so much for taking those pictures. I hope you enjoy your swag, too :)

  2. Amyla says:

    I think I started with a sunset preset, Coastal Sunset maybe, and then adjusted the Eastern angle, Sun position and ambient lighting, but there’s a big dose of post-processing magic to make the backlit avatars less… murky. The raw shots were probably a lot closer to what you might see around sunset if you tweaked the Eastern angle.

    I had so much fun! I’m looking forward to the Masque of the Dead ever so much. :)

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