tricks and treats

I’m wearing a group gift from Chai, the Chai Nova XOXO 2 skin in Tone 3, which has orange eyeshadow and black lipstick just in time for Hallowe’en. The dress is one of the apple bob prizes from Evie’s Closet, which are available altogether for L$100 at the main shop for a limited time (the apple bob itself is gone). The 2009 edition of the Schadenfreude Treat Bucket is out at the elephant! Wear and click to get prizes, including many kinds of candy, horns, and flyable brooms that seat up to three avatars! Anyone can click the bucket while you’re wearing it to get prizes, too. The Faun parts from Titania’s Court are my go-to accessories for when I want to be something Other. I like the Kissy Kissy hair from Tiny Bird for going faun, as it’s perfectly tousled yet stylish and fits well with the horns.

Skin: Chai (NOVA – Tone 03 – XOXO 2) *group gift*
Hair: Tiny Bird (Kissy Kissy – Pepper)
Eyes: Poetic Colors (autumn – chestnut (m))
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Faun Parts: Titania’s Court (F_Faun_Obsidian)
Dress & Wings: Evie’s Closet (Witchy Halloween Gift – Cursed) *apple bob prize*
Treat Bucket: Schadenfreude (Treat Bucket, 2009)
Pose (treats): Lazy Places ([LP] Lazy Places For DSN Run Unisex) *DSN sample*
Pose (flight): pilot’s seat pose in Schadenfreude Lavender Witch Broom
Wall Art (treats): hyasynth Tiramisu (~belladonna lepidoptera~ 08.09.09) *gift*


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