Nightmare Eden

Every year, the Pulse/Snatch City management team organizes a Hallowe’en event that blows your average “haunted house” out of the water. Last year they teamed up with Vixen Games to present Cutting Class, which had a strong Silent Hill flavor that was totally up my alley, and this year that collaboration continues to present an even bigger and better event: Nightmare Eden.

More video game than mere prize hunt, Nightmare Eden challenges you to collect clues and solve puzzles to make your way from level to level. The prizes are scattered throughout the build, so thoroughly explore each area before moving on to the next—if you examine everything, you’re more likely to pick up all the scraps of information you need to get the full unfolding story AND grab all the prizes without having to do another run-through later.

The event begins at the New Eden Embarkation Station. Click the event sign to receive a notecard with instructions to get the fullest experience of the event and landmark to the event space. A midnight setting with local lighting enabled is recommended, and be sure to have sound volume up and music off. The sonic ambiance is especially effective on headphones, as I discovered on my first attempt to navigate the event and found myself too entirely creeped out midway through to continue further all alone. Do bring a friend or two—even if you’re not easily spooked, you may appreciate having extra mindpower to work out the puzzles with you.

The New Eden uniform (male version also available), head flashlight and unscripted handgun I’m sporting in this post are all provided in the first section of the event space. I hit up several cyberpunkish shops last night in search of a great belt to wear with the uniform, and bought a few that were okay but didn’t blow me away before I wandered into NEUROLAB, which had these totally awesome belts and cybergloves. I’m wearing a glove layer from a Tomby’s CyLinks set here rather than the glove layer provided with the cybergloves or the one provided with the uniform because I wanted the full finger coverage and blue/gray combo. The boots are the shorter 4-buckle version of the Buckle Platform Boots from Schadenfreude. The skin I’m wearing is available at The Hidey Spot for L$1 (one skin tone, freckles also included).

Skin: The Hidey Spot (Starlight September [basics] black stripe)
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth (Timeless glamour – Black beauty)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Sea 2)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Uniform: Sn@tch (New Eden Uniform [female]) *Nightmare Eden prize*
Gloves: Tomby’s (T’s-Type82-CyLinks-bk+bl)
Cybernetic Glove: NEUROLAB (KomBi-X1 Cybergloves 1.2F)
Belt: NEUROLAB (KomBi-X1 Belt 1.5G)
Boots: Schadenfreude (Buckle Platform Boots)
Pose (look ahead): Penny Dreadful Arcade (esme for (pda) Lemme Get Some)
Pose (look down): Penny Dreadful Arcade (esme for (pda) Something Bigger, Something Better)
New Eden Flashlight and unscripted handgun also from Nightmare Eden event.
Images captured on location at the Nightmare Eden event space, the calm before the OHDEARGODWHATWASTHAT?!



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