cuttles in bubbles

Today I’m floating in some faery bubbles from Studio Sidhe in bits of the Cuttles set from silent sparrow. Cuttles comes with all the same bits of Cheshire (multiple skirt options, plain and decorated tanks, socks) plus tentacle accessories for head and body. There’s also a set of color-changing head tentacles (large and small) available separately. This bubble has three poses selected via drop-down menu on touch.

Oh no! What are you doing with that pin?! Ahem. Chol was kind enough to pose with me to show off another of the faery bubbles. The other three bubbles in the set of four are two-person pose props, like this one, with one naughty avatar wielding a sharp pin. Chol is wearing a ryou suit jacket from silent sparrow with leggings from NachtMusik, gloves from SiniStyle and boots from Shiny Things. Slightly more specific credits follow!

Amyla credits:
Skin: Curio (June – Petal [Light] – Daylily 2)
Hair: Calico Ingmann Creations (Jill – Dark Peach)
Eyes: negaposi (Lunar Eyes – AZUR)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Outfit & Tentacles: silent sparrow (Cuttles)
Boots: ETD (Rain Boots – Blue)

Cholgosh credits:
Jacket & Shirt: silent sparrow (ryou – ash)
Gloves: SiniStyle (Nomad Gloves)
Pants: NachtMusik (Rockstar – Noir)
Boots: Shiny Things (Xing Boots – Black)

Pose props:
Bubble (float): Studio Sidhe (Faery in a Bubble) *gift*
Bubble (dangerdanger!): Studio Sidhe (“Ah, ‘scuse me?” Faery Bubble) *gift*



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