more batty garb from Schadenfreude

The collection of batty items at Schadenfreude has been expanded yet again with the addition of the Moroi suits and Striges skirts. I got the Pumpkin and Azure suits and the scripted fatpack skirt so I can have eleventybillion overskirt/underskirt color combos. The suits come with pants in two waist heights (high meets the shirt layer edge, low is shown here) and optional prim tails I’ve not worn here. I’m wearing the RFL color of the Oxford shirt, but you can still nab the 30 regular colors at the shop. The neckties are texture-changeable via HUDs and the collar’s changeable via HUD, too. I love being able to fit items once and then just pick textures via HUD; fitting a bunch of color variations separately to be the same can be a pain.

The skin in the orangey ensemble is Atomic‘s Baily in Pumpkin makeup, Honey skin tone, from the pumpkin hunt running at the Atomic main shop now through Hallowe’en. Two other skin tones are available in other little pumpkins, and each is provided in freckled and unfreckled versions with two lip colors.

Skin (left): Atomic (Baily – Honey – Pumpkin 2 [FRECK]) *Atomic Pumpkin Hunt item*
Skin (right): Schadenfreude (Cameo – Langwidere – Moonage Daydream – Ocean [blue nail])
Hair (left): Fusemelon (Tongue Tied – Garnet)
Hair (right): Calico Ingmann Creations (Seelie – Hyasynth Blue-tipped Midnight)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Blue 3, Green 1)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Jacket (left): Schadenfreude (Moroi Suit – Pumpkin)
Jacket & Pants (right): Schadenfreude (Moroi Suit – Azure)
Necktie (left): Schadenfreude (Chained Electro HUD Tie) *scripted fatpack*
Necktie (right): Schadenfreude (HUD Controlled Tie W/ Oxford Collar) *scripted fatpack*
Shirt (left): Schadenfreude (Batwing Tank – Ghost)
Shirt (right): Schadenfreude (Deep Purple Oxford and Purple Moon Necktie) *RFL 2009 item*
Skirt (left): Schadenfreude (Striges Skirt) *scripted fatpack*
Fishnets (left): blowpop (Seamed Fishnet Tights – Black)
Socks (left): Schadenfreude (Knit Stripey Socks – White)
Boots: Schadenfreude (Plain Buckle Platform Boots)
Pose (left): Lazy Places ([LP] I’m Not Cute! 1)
Pose (right): Lazy Places ([LP] I’m Not Cute! 5)
Set: La Petite Morte (Photo Set Hall)



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