I love the Faery sets from Evie’s Closet but because the top and bottoms are on undershirt and underpants layers I couldn’t wear tattoos underneath—I needed a decorated skin if I wanted ink or adornment. So after looking around a bit, I finally decided to hunker down in my graphics program and see if I could make some leafy skins to my satisfaction. And after some trial and error, I did! I’ve set them out at The Hidey Spot, which I’ve finally listed in Search to make it more easily found, and I’ll be adding them to my Xstreet listings soon. (Skins are considered “mature content” on Xstreet by default, so you’ll need to enable mature content to view those listings.)

Like the other skins I’ve shared or sold previously, the Faery skins were made using Eloh Eliot’s open-source Starlight source files. Each skin set includes freckled and unfreckled skins with shading for larger or smaller breasts, plus modifiable shape and brow shaper. Free demos that show the various options as best as the avatar allows (hi, I’d like TWO arms, please!) are available.

Skin (sneaky peek & left): The Hidey Spot (Starlight-Sept [Faery] verde [breastA])
Skin (right): The Hidey Spot (Starlight-Sept [Faery] ruby [breastA] FREX)
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth (A place to call home – Orange you glad)
Birds (left): Clawtooth by Clawtooth (A place to call home [birds] – Marshmallow mateys)
Birds (sneaky peek & right): Clawtooth by Clawtooth (A place to call home [birds] – Pink creamies)
Rose Jewelry: Illusions (“Varda” Necklace and Earrings)
Leaf Outfit & Wings (sneaky peek & left): Evie’s Closet (Faery – Dryad Green)
Leaf Outfit & Wings (right): Evie’s Closet (Faery – Nymph Red)
Pose (sneaky peek): HPMD (HPMD* bubble-pose 04)
Pose (left): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] – Fantasy-Puppet PR4)
Pose (right): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] – Fantasy-Faepose 6 PR4)



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