enter winter

Winter is not my favorite season. I prefer to experience it virtually than firsthand, if at all, so I will embrace the lovely sweaters, hats, boots and wintry decor offered in SL, but please don’t ask me to deal with RL ice and snow. Last winter my husband was working at a store in a small town at a higher elevation than where we live and the commute could get a bit dicey if the weather got unfriendly, but he’s now managing a new store in the city, so at least he’s dealing with highways and city streets now.

This sweater is one of the new releases from artilleri at Winterstock. It’s available in several colors, and the prim attachments are provided in both male- and female-friendly sizes (modifiable to fit, of course!). You can also pick up a FREE sweater of similar construction featuring the Winterstock logo! You can wear the clothing layers without the prim bits if you prefer a sleeker look or have other accessories you’d prefer to wear with; all the edges are nicely finished.

The boots are Kookie‘s offering for today’s Fifty Linden Friday event! The boots attach to the lower legs and the invisiprims attach to the feet, so just wear all the bits and then adjust the height of the boot if it looks a bit low or high on you. They’re no-modify but scripted for resize if you need to adjust the size. (Grab them at the entrance to the Kookie mainstore.)

I blew a load of L$ at Exodi yesterday for several of the new Sienna skins. I’m wearing the lightest tone, Cachet, with freckles. Each purchase includes freckled and unfreckled versions, two brow options (light or dark), and both regular and enhanced cleavage. This is the Gaga makeup, which I picked to go with the pink in my boots.

The tentacle lipring is übercute and but one tiny item in the massive tentacle items release from Lazy Places a little while ago, and possibly my most favoritest bit—although the furniture’s fun, too. And this pose I’m in, that’s from the Lazy Places prize in the Invitation Only Hunt running right now. Go to the main shop and look for the yellow envelope.

The hat/horns/ears/hair is Hunting Season from Gritty Kitty in the “rusty” tone. Most of the bits (hat, feather, bandana strip, etc.) are texture-changeable via drop-down menu on touch (click the part you want to change). It’s perfect for those moments when you want to be a deer that hunts back, or if you’re just a goober like me who wants a really cool hat and horns to wear with your winter sweater.

Skin: Exodi (Sienna – Cachet – Gaga [Dk/F])
Hair: Gritty Kitty (Hunting Season – rusty)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Gemini 4)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Lipring: Lazy Places (Tentacle Lip Ring – Black)
Sweater: artilleri (Marius knit sweater – brown)
Jeans: Decoy (Genesis 10 Jeans – Dark Rust)
Boots: Kookie (Pomski Coffee Candy Boots) *50L Friday item [#14]*
Pose: Lazy Places ([LP] Invite Female 3) *Invitation Only Hunt item*
Set: La Petite Morte (Photo Set Hall)



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