Firstly, if you missed out on the limited edition hunt for special colors of Gloomy Suits at silent sparrow, there’s a form in the ~silentsparrow~ group notice archives (date: 11/16/2009; subject: “Squirrel Trading notecard (Amyla is so awesome)<3”) you can fill out and send to me to get some help with trade matchmaking—or read the semipermanent instructions page here [link removed].

The past couple days were filled with SQUIRREL MADNESS at silent sparrow as we all hunted down special squirrels with limited edition recolors of the Gloomy Suits inside. I’m wearing the brass<3 version with one of several tails options included in the set, and the Ivory Oxford Shirt from Schadenfreude with messy tails beneath. On my feet are Desert Boots from Maitreya over some dark socks from Naïve (not really shown, but important for keeping my pale ankles covered… and warm, if I’m running around some frosty sims). The leathery wraps for arm and thigh are from Magika; they were some of my early accessories purchases in SL back when I was just a tender n00blet, but I still dig ’em. The adorable texture-changeable wings are from Illusions.

This beautiful locket from KessKreations is available with white, black, pink or chocolate pearls. Click once to open the locket and click twice to access the metal and gemstone texture options. And… it has this totally familiar name, maybe you’ve read it somewhere before… ahem. Kess caught me by complete surprise last week when she dropped a preview version to try out, and I’m totally tickled pink to have these pretties named after me. <3

666th day party favors (skins, horns & halo)

Friday the 13th of November was my 666th day in SL. To celebrate, I got together with some lovely folks for a couple hours of music and dancing. Most attendees opted for demony looks, I went for pale and angelic, and I put together some favors to go with the theme—including the skin I wore in the first two pics of this entry. I’m going to rework them a little and elaborate upon them for actual shop releases, but in the meantime you can grab the free ones at The Hidey Spot—they’re in the subscriber kiosk archive box, and will remain there ’til the retail versions are out.

(brass<3) Gloomy Suit [LE] credits:
Skin: The Hidey Spot (Starlight-Sept [angel] palest [nobrows/breastA]) *666th day party favor/subscriber gift*
Hair: lamb. (Stargaze – Powder)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Sea 2)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Necklace: KessKreations (Amyla White Pearl Necklace) *gift*
Wings: Illusions (Chibi Angel Wings)
Suit Jacket & Pants: silent sparrow (Gloomy Suit – brass<3) *limited edition*
Shirt: Schadenfreude (Oxford – Ivory [messy tails])
Black Leather Wraps: Magika (Leather Arm Bow; Leather Leg Bow)
Socks: Naive (Ankle Socks – Black)
Boots: Maitreya (Female Desert Boots – Black)
Pose: Lazy Places ([LP] Lazy Places for DSN Female 3)
Set: La Petite Morte (Photo Set Hall)

666th day party favors other credits:
Hair (angel): Exile (Maren – harlow)
Hair (devil): Lazy Places (Dawn – Black)
Eyes (angel): Chai (Allure – Sea 2)
Eyes (devil): Chai (Allure – Pumpkin)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Poses: Glitterati (Headshot series)



One Response to brass<3

  1. kesseret says:

    <3 Happy 666th day! And glad you like the necklace <3

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