Lazy Sparrow: cocoa faun

This week I’m pairing garments from silent sparrow with poses and new footwear from Lazy Places.

Today I’m wearing bits of the cocoa toxine suite (vest, gloves, bloomers, skirt) from silent sparrow and brown cloven Ankou Boots from Lazy Places with some separates from Sn@tch (Death Pixie Top, Skull Garter Tights).

The hair is from Tiny Bird—a past Fifty Linden Friday purchase but you can grab it in all the usual color packs at the shop—and comes with an alternate version with knit neck scarf attached. The skin is another of the new Plush skins (Blush, with freckles) from Sn@tch. The horns are the Cerwd Horns from Illusions—which like most of the accessories from Illusions, have multiple texture options accessible via drop-down menu on touch. The necklace is part of the Mahika “Meditation” set from EarthStones, which comes with matching earrings and also has alternate texturing options for the metal and wood accessible via drop-down menu on touch.

Here’s a slightly upskirt shot (it’s okay, I’m wearing anti-perving long bloomers) to better show off the Ankou Boots and the stockings from Sn@tch that coordinate perfectly with both the brown of the cocoa toxine dress and the skullies on the boots.

Skin: Sn@tch (Plush – Tone 1 – Blush [FR])
Hair: Tiny Bird (All is Love – Brownie)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Sea 2)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Horns: Illusions (Cerwn Horns)
Necklace: EarthStones (Mahika Set – Meditation)
Vest, Gloves, Bloomers & Skirt: silent sparrow (toxine suite – cocoa)
Undershirt: Sn@tch (Death Pixie Tops – Teal)
Stockings: Sn@tch (Skull Garter Tights – Brown)
Boots: Lazy Places (Ankou Boots – Cloven – Brown) *review copy*
Pose (full, hooves): Lazy Places ([LP] *katatOnik* 4)
Pose (close): Lazy Places ([LP] The Starlust Panty Raid Hunt 3) *Starlust Panty Raid item*
Set: La Petite Morte (Photo Set Hall)



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