dollarbies at The Hidey Spot

I pulled all my Xstreet inventory and the [wear gray] skins are no longer available. (I may do a new batch of grayscale skins at some point, but I have approximately eleventybillion ideas and only so much time/focus/energy, so it could be a long while before I get back to them.) If you want to send a gift to someone, please drop a notecard in my mailbox at The Hidey Spot [link removed].

If you missed the [midori] skins that went *poof* after Hallowe’en, they’re back up in the shop for L$1 apiece. (If you grabbed them before, the only difference is I nixed the “clean 1” skin and renamed “clean 2” to simply “pure.”)

I’ve marked my favorite color of the [Faery] skins, verde (green), down to just L$1 for the remainder of November. Come December 1st, its price will go back up and the [calavera] skull skins will go *poof*. If you missed the 666th day party favors gift, they’re still available in the subscription archive box but they’ll go *poof* soon as I finish up the retail versions and set them out.


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