Um, hello, December?

An appalling portion of December has passed and I haven’t blogged even once. The backlog of things I meant to post is a bit scary, and perhaps I’ll tackle them eventually but my pre-existing slacker tendencies have been exacerbated to rather epic proportions of late due to progress on Project Make-A-Baby. I cannot promise to be any less distracted in future, obviously, but I do have a look of the day to show which incorporates bits of the brand-spankin’-new Ritual Suit from silent sparrow.

I’m wearing the short “shrug” version of the jacket with prim cuffs and shoulder puffs and the convenient underwear layer version of the pants. This is the “penny” color, and there are three more colors (blue “ocean,” violet “violets,” black “ashes”) to match all the Ritual Suite colors except the pinkish “roses.” I’m wearing the Ivory color Oxford Shirt from Schadenfreude beneath, messy tails version. I chose the Sienna color Leather & Laced Belt from EarthStones and Copper color Sasha Boots from ETD for their close matches to the main suit tones.

The Ritual Suit is a little inspired by the fashion of the noble classes in Dragon Age: Origins, which hya and I and half of everyone we know has been playing heavily the past several weeks, so I chose my hair and skin according to favorites from the game. The hair, Coy from Shag, is the closest thing in my inventory to the “two braid-buns” hair in the game, and I tend to go for a low-makeup look for my characters so I’m wearing this lovely Tuli group gift, a preview of her upcoming Eva skin line. (The gift is in group notices!) I tried on a few necklaces to go with this outfit but none felt right ’til this one, the Feng Huang necklace from Alienbear in gold and jade. (I picked it up a while back at a fair but it should still be in the main shop, I’d think.) The skinny chain bits are flexi-prims, so they move gently as my avatar moves, which is a lovely effect.

Skin: Tuli (Eva [tone 2/li] dec VIP gift) *group gift*
Hair: Shag (Coy – henna)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Blue 3)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Necklace: Alienbear (Feng Huang Gold Necklace – jade)
Jacket & Pants: silent sparrow (Ritual Suit – penny)
Shirt: Schadenfreude (Oxford Shirt – Ivory)
Belt: EarthStones (Leather & Laced Belt – Sienna)
Boots: ETD (Sasha Boot – Copper)
Pose: Lazy Places ([LP] Allegory)
Location: Oubliette, Balderdash shop roof



One Response to Um, hello, December?

  1. Faery Sola says:

    beautiful :D I love earthy tones, that looks great & that necklace is a find! wow :D

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