circus girl without a safety net

For all the moments within them that may crawl, years themselves seem to pass with alarming quickness. It’s hard to believe in just a couple weeks I’ll have been in SL two whole years, but my life sure has changed since that first login! A few days after I joined SL, I met the man with whom I’d fall in love, for whom I’d move 3000 miles, to whom I’d be wed before 2008 was through. The past year has not been as tumultuous nor so full of “firsts” as 2008, perhaps, but 2009 held its own important milestones—deciding to try to conceive, first wedding anniversary, first positive pregnancy test!

I’d be wary of telling our news so widely as we have so early, but if anything goes horribly awry with this pregnancy, I can’t not be honest and to some degree open about something that would affect me deeply and personally. We’re hoping everything goes as smoothly as it can, so that we can just share the awesome of another new little being. I promise I’m not going to blog about it all the time here—this is still mostly a “hey, look at these pretty things” blog more than a spill-my-guts sort of joint—but tonight I’m being all reflective on milestones with a big heap of sentimentality.

I’m wearing bits of the dovey Chapiteau set with envy Gutter Glitter tutu from silent sparrow and Green Knit Stripey Socks from Schadenfreude. Underneath, I’m wearing the Acrobat Leotard Pearl Blouse and Leggings from Scribble‘s Designers United III offerings. The backdrop and trapeze are also from Scribble at Designers United III. (The event closes 6th January, so better grab what you want before then!)

I still love my shoulder bird from Schadenfreude supermegamuch and wear him almost every day. What I love even more than my cute little birdy is my friends who make my day-to-day life more interesting and a lot less lonely for all they share and offer. A lot of us tend to hermit, even in SL, but Plurk has been a great way to make new connections and strengthen existing ones, and for that I am so grateful. I still tend to spend most of my time in-world solo, but to have the occasional option for small-scale social gatherings without RP drama or commercial pressure is such a blessing.

Skin: L.Fauna (Lapine – Pale 2 – Mystic-FR)
Hair: Truth (Rose – cranberry)
Eyes: Chai (Allure – Blue 3)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Bird: Schadenfreude (Glass Bird Pet)
Undershirt: Scribble (Acrobat Leotard Pearl Blouse) *Designers United III Exclusive*
Corset & Gloves: silent sparrow (Chapiteau Corsets/Tops & Gloves – dovey)
Skirt: silent sparrow (Gutter Glitter Skirts – envy)
Leggings: Scribble (Acrobat Leotard Pearl Leggings) *Designers United III Exclusive*
Socks: Schadenfreude (Knit Stripey Socks – Green)
Shoes: (Basic Flats – Black)
Pose (full): Long Awkward Pose ([LAP] Chub-My Good Side) *Poop Hunt 2009 item*
Trapeze: Scribble (Pearl Trapeze [11 Poses]) *Designers United III Exclusive*
Backdrop: Scribble (Photo Backdrop Cheapie) *Designers United III Exclusive*
Set: La Petite Morte (Photo Set Hall)


One Response to circus girl without a safety net

  1. hyasynth says:

    Go go go go now
    Out of the nest
    It’s time
    Go go go now…. <3

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