it could be bunnies…

The much-anticipated Ozimals bunnies were released this past weekend and I have one lovable girl bunny now hopping around my shop. The genetics/appearance of the first generation bunnies are randomly generated, and there are many, many possible combinations. My bunny, Delia, is a black classic Havana Upright with dark blue eyes.

For her first day or so, Delia was quite small, no bigger than my hand, but as of 2 days old (yesterday, when I took these shots) she’d grown a bit bigger. At 4 days, she’ll be full-grown—but still friendly and holdable and pettable and snuggable. The bunnies come with built-in holds for standing or sitting, for male avatars, female avatars, and tiny avatars. Just follow the directions in the manual on the Ozimals website to hold and pet your bunny!

Here’s a picture of my full bunny-inspired outfit. I’m wearing the black supercute Bun Bun dress from katat0nik, which is available at the Ozimals Main Store in eight colors (pink, red, orange, green, teal, blue, purple, black) with the gloves from the black Strawberry Cream set also from katat0nik. The ears are from Hybrid, boots are from Lazy Places (ribbons changeable to 12 different tones via menu), the hair is from Magika and the skin is from Dutch Touch. I’ve been running around in this outfit for a couple days now.

Skin: Dutch Touch (MaUVe – Cotton – RubyLips)
Hair: Magika (Cake – White A)
Eyes: Schadenfreude (Geoflake Eyes – Treeflake)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Ears: Hybrid (Hybrid v3 Usagi Spotted Ears)
Dress & Socks: katat0nik (Bun Bun Dress – black)
Gloves: katat0nik (Strawberry Cream Outfit – black)
Boots: Lazy Places (Trix Boot Ribbons White)
Pose (Bun Bun): Lazy Places ([LP] I’m Not Cute! 1)

Bunny is from Ozimals (hold pose is built-in; my AO stand is from Oracul).
Tentacle chairs in background are from Lazy Places.
Picture taken at The Hidey Spot.



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