How I Spent My Not-Exactly-Planned Hiatus

… in 500 words or fewer, so as not to prattle on overmuch.

The main thing I’ve been doing online is breeding Ozimals bunnies, so much so that I split those activities away from my main account. This means there are many days I spend more time in-world as Apolline Button than as Amyla Wakowski, but I’m looking to strike a balance as I go back to being a bit more active on my main account again.

With the prim requirements for the number of bunnies I was accumulating, I needed more land, so we reconfigured our land holdings. We sold our old mainland parcel, husband got a Linden Home to be our home point, and I rent a parcel as Apolline for the bunnies. My little shop, The Hidey Spot, now exists solely in-world at Pulse (upper level, above BLITZED), at least until I list my stock on for remote shopping and gifting convenience.

Aside from sales, some friends’ releases and the occasional indulgence, I feel like I’ve been shopping less. I’ve done some hunts, but haven’t sorted through all the goods yet, or finished all I started. One sort of mini-hunt I did start and finish was the current Mini-Quest at Sanu. I’m wearing some of the quest prizes today, plus a coordinating monocle I purchased in the shop because I was too impatient to stalk the lucky chair. (I love when lucky prizes are available for purchase, it’s so much less stressful than stalking a chair/board/etc. for ages.)

I’m also riding my WonderCycle (AO version), which was a HPMD prize in the Winter 2008 CSR event. On the other side of the snapshot, you can see I did keep one bunny on my main account, my Elite [europa] Alien Bunneh. His name is Newt, and apparently wanted to show off his backside on my blog, the cheeky little bugger—or maybe his water dish was just so much more exciting than a snapshot.

In anticipation of finally blogging again, I did a little housekeeping on the blog. I’ve not received any communication re: the Gloomy limited edition suits in a long, long while, so I’m putting that page to pasture. I finally went through all the entries on my SLURLs page and it should now be reasonably current! I also added a little more text to the About page. So I’m back…ish, at least enough to blog as I feel up to blogging, but notsomuch I’m going to commit to anything beyond what focus and whimsy shall allow.

Skin: Nomine (Mosaic – Peach – nude)
Hair: Clawtooth by Clawtooth (Woman of the Year – Soil)
Eyes: Schadenfreude (Crowflake Eyes)
Monocle: Sanu (Daydreams Monocle (Sesame))
Lip Rings: Sanu (Sesame-seeded Lip-ring) *Sanu Mini Quest prize*
Earrings: Sanu (Sesame-seeded Earrings) *Sanu Mini Quest prize*
Shirt: Zaara (Isis Shirt – white)
Vest: (Halter Vest – Brown)
Corset & Gloves: silent sparrow (Datura – chocolate)
Capris: artilleri (1st mate capris – black)
Socks: Pig (Knee Sock Mit Suspenders – White)
Boots: Kookie (Armada Boot – Vintage) *50LFri:30*
WonderCycle: HPMD (Wondercycle) *CSR 2008 Winter*



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