Look, Ma, I’m showing limited-availability items in a timely fashion!

I’ve worn so many ensembles I wish I’d had the focus to document for sharing, but it’s often easier to lapse into procrastination mode than to push myself to produce anything for public view. I’m just not competitive enough; I enjoy putting together looks, but I don’t feel particularly driven to show them off all the time. Maybe that’s a bad trait in a blogger, except I’ve never striven to be a big fish in our little sea—only to be in that sea, somewhere, as much as feels comfortable.

It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song
You can’t believe it, you were always singing along
It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can’t remember, you try to feel a beat…

You spend half of your life trying to fall behind
You’re using your headphones to drown out your mind
It was so easy and the words so sweet
You can’t remember, you try to move your feet…

Time-sensitive items: vest and socks from Schadenfreude (socks pack includes three more color combos), hair from lamb (other color for L$50 today is Rotten Carrot), bustier from 5th & oxford (includes two more colors, CORNFLOWER and LILAC). The “Cupcake Survival Kit” armband was a prize from last year’s Baum Birthday Bash at Magic of Oz, which I rediscovered when poking through my inventory to see if anything perfect for today’s look might be hiding in my unsorted folders.

Skin: Curio (Cupid – Petal [Light] – Crush 1)
Hair: lamb (Ambrosia – Snickers) *Fifty Linden Friday #37*
Eyes: Schadenfreude (Crowflake Eyes)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Earrings: Violet Voltaire (Cuppycakes – Birthday)
Shrug: silent sparrow (shruggie – lime)
Vest: Schadenfreude (Deep V Vest – Goldenrod) *Fifty Linden Friday #37*
Bustier: 5th & oxford (Grace Bustier – DEEP BLUSH) *Fifty Linden Friday #37*
Armband: Laughing Academy (Cupcake Survival Kit) *Magic of Oz Baum Birthday Bash (2009)*
Skirt: Sh*t Happens (Ruffley Skirt – Blue to Cream)
Socks: Schadenfreude (Bawdy Socks – Spring) *Fifty Linden Friday #37*
Shoes: Shiny Things (Tuli Pumps – black)
Pose (full): Lazy Places ([LP] I’m Not Cute! 4)
Pose (close): Lazy Places ([LP] Phire)
Tentacles: Lazy Places ([LP] Tentacle Throne Royal)
Location: my Linden Home, which is a pimp wizard abode, not to be confused with husband’s grassy knoll
Lyric excerpts from “Eet” by Regina Spektor.



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