Vera crimson and Czol unmarked at The Hidey Spot

If you missed the DIVE event in the autumn or just didn’t find my gift there, the [Vera] skins are now available for purchase.

And something newish, that perhaps may interest you if you liked the colors of the [Czol] lip stripe skins but want something a bit more versatile: [Czol] unmarked. Like the lip stripe versions, the unmarked skins are available in five tones, both male versions and female versions. The female versions include two breast options.

The skins and free demos are available in-world and on Marketplace.


Other credits:

[Vera] crimson:
Hair: lamb (The Glow Deux – Kit Kat)
Eyes: poetic colors (autumn – tarn)
Lashes: Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Choker: Earthstones (Gothique Choker Locket – Gold/Mother of Pearl)
Top: Zaara (Sumana Lingerie – crimson)
Skirt: Zaara (Trishna print skirt – kohl)
Pose (full): flowey ({flowey} bows and pearls)

[Czol] unmarked:
Hair (male): Schadenfreude (Thom)
Hair (female): fashionably dead (Twins – Nothingness)
Eyes: negaposi (Dreaming Eyes – Gold)
Lashes (female): Miriel (Lashes – Natural)
Shirt (female): League (Garage Shirt – White)

I didn’t keep careful notes in every photo session, so I’m not 100% certain which pose I used in the headshots lacking full credit here, but my gut feeling is it was probably “[LAP] – BG2-Barbie14 PR4” from Long Awkward Pose.


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