look of the day

Today’s look started with earrings, spotted on a friend’s plurk and tracked down in Double Paradox (a.k.a. **DP**yumyum) group notice archives. I tried a few hairstyles and decided to check out the current offerings at The Dressing Room BLUE, where I scored this cute hair from Exile (L$60 for a pack of four exclusive colors). The other colors in the pack show off the cute braid details better, but I rarely stray from raven tones.

I tried on many combinations of tops, bottoms and footwear before settling on the mystic blouse from JANE, Dana 76 Jeans from Decoy and my current favorite shoes, Mon Tissu’s Montsegur Pumps. I was trying out some other underlayers (bra, sheer longsleeved layering shirt) when Apatia plurked she’d set out two outfits at The Free Dove—one for ladies, one for fellas—and as soon as I spotted the Dollinger Revisited Tank in the ladies’ ensemble I knew I must have it and wear it ASAP! So I TPed as fast as SL would carry me to The Free Dove and snagged the lovely outfits, then ran home to finish up my look of the day. I put on the tank, tinted the mystic blouse to coordinate with my shoes, and pronounced this look done for the day.

I’m not even showing all the bits of awesome to the tank but as I suspect it and its other-colored brethren will be a staple of my Spring/Summer 2011 wardrobe—and many fashionable peeps are likely to show it off in any of many colors and stylings—I’m pretty sure you’ll get some sweet eyefuls before long. Also, you should go to The Free Dove and pick this up and some of the other fresh offerings there. You did hear it’s gotten an overhaul and influx of cool stuff, right?
Skin: Schadenfreude (Dawn Langwidere Dewy)
Hair: Exile (Polly/twilight mix) *The Dressing Room BLUE*
Eyes: Shine (Garden City Stormy) *Garden City Relief*
Freckles (tattoo): L.Fauna (EXTRA FRECKLES [Pale])
Eyeshadow (tattoo): L.Fauna (Basic Shadow [Antique Gold])

Shirt: JANE (mystic blouse.milk) *tinted*
Tank: Pig (Dollinger Revisted Tank – Aqua) *The Free Dove*
Jeans: Decoy (Dana 76 Jeans – Faded Dark Skinny)

Earrings: **DP**yumyum (Feather Pierce) *Double Paradox group gift*
Shoes: Mon Tissu (Montsegur Pumps ~ Camel)

Full: CLIQUE ([CLIQUE] You Melt My Heart To Stone) *gift*
Close: Olive Juice (Olive Juice- Spring 1) *Pose Fair 2011*

For decor credits, please see: Home: Kitties win today.


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