gimme more… sushi

I totally had “Maneater” on my mind as this look came together. I started out with Sushi Gluttony items in black and red, and since Apolline had already laid claim to the corsets, I decided to go in a “inappropriately sexy for the office” direction. coldLogic and Ingenue also get some credit for pushing my thoughts in this direction — daring button-down shirts and short-but-not-micro tight skirts? Please and thank you! So that’s gluttony and lust so far, and then the details on the Khan Heels and Chained Electro-Cute Necktie (retextured with Gluttony Neckties HUD, because backwards-compatibility is AWESOME) hint at the possibility of violence, so there’s wrath. Perfect!


Bolded items available at Festival of Sin.

Skin: The Hidey Spot by Amyla Wakowski – [ths] pale [Vera] crimson
Freckles (tattoo): L.Fauna by Launa Fauna – EXTRA FRECKLES [Pale]
Lashes (tattoo): L.Fauna – Lashes [Fluffy]
Hair: Tiny Bird by Autumn Hykova – Into My Arms – Brownie
Eyes: Shine by Brandy Rasmuson – Garden City ForgetMeNot

Lingerie (bra, undies, garters, stockings): Schadenfreude by Allegory MalapropSushi Gluttony Lingerie Uberpack
Shirt: coldLogic by coldLogic – clark.white
Skirt: Ingenue by Betty DoyleCollette – Noir

Earrings: Schadenfreude – Ebi Sushi Earrings
Ring: Schadenfreude – Maki Sushi Ring
Necktie: Schadenfreude – Chained Electro HUD Tie (Electro-Cute Necktie Fatpack), retextured with HUD from Gluttony Necktie Pack
Shoes: Ingenue – Khan Heels – Soot

Pose: Long Awkward Pose by Dove Swanson – [LAP] – Chub-Aw Shucks


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